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FOR 2006

  • Major Earthquakes

  • Terrorism

  • Saddam Hussein

  • Troops in Iraq

  • Syria & Iran

  • Medical Breakthrough

  • Avian Flu

  • Stock Market

  • Pope Benedict XVI

  • Elections

  • Poverty

St. Catherine of Siena

Find out who this amazing
saint was and about her current work through
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Internationally known psychic medium, Elizabeth Baron, has channeled St. Catherine once a month since 1986 to share St. Catherine's insight on national and worldly issues. This section includes the "Annual 2006 Psychic Predictions" as recorded on December 25, 2005.  To read the "Archived Predictions/Messages" click here.


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St. Catherine's Message - Video & Audio Recorded on Dec. 25th



Question: Do you foresee any significant natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes in the United States or worldwide for 2006?

Answer: There will be six major earthquakes. Two will be in America. They will not be as harmful and fatal in this country, nor so many people who will die as in the ones in Asia, Japan and South America. But pray for these areas and lift your own vibrations by practicing the “will of God” in your life for it is the dissention and turmoil that causes the earthquakes.


Question: In 2006, what do you see in terms of terrorism in the United States and throughout the world?

Answer: There are many acts of terrorism in America which are not being told by the media that they are acts of terrorism. The government and media should be honest with the American people because if they know there are acts of terrorism, they will be more cautious and keep an eye out for these terrorists. But if they do not know that some of these things which are being reported as accidents are really acts of terrorism such as oil refineries, etc. the American public will just go along, pray less and be less cautious. This can be very dangerous to the country.


Question: What will be the results of Saddam Hussein’s trial?

Answer: There will be delays upon delays and then there will be another hearing. Everyone of the people must be very cautious because this man could escape very easily, much easier than anyone realizes. But he will be eventually punished. I would not say that the punishment would be near as much he has hurt others. But his death is coming. Pray for his soul because when he enters the spirit realm, there will be so much darkness that he will face. The Iraqi people need to understand that their decisions that will put this man to death and an end to the terrible things he has done. But there could be an escape for this person. He does have to watched very, very carefully by the authorities. He is going to testify on his behalf and will make a judge very angry with his denials. He has been very vicious to his people.


Question: Can you tell us when the troops will be able to pull in Iraq.

Answer: It is important to allow the Iraqi government to start taking hold of their own country, if the American government really means they are there to fight for freedom. There will be troops there even three years from now. However, the vast amount of troops who are there now will not be there even a year from now. Many of these people will be rotated, some will be coming home and then there are others who will have to go to other areas to fight other battles.

Question: Is there any problem that Americans need to deal with that is being overlooked?

Answer: The country of Syria is the most bitter enemy along with Iran. These two individual countries are plotting, planning and bringing terrorists into Iraq all the time. These two countries should be brought before a board to be punished for what they are doing, because much of the turmoil in Iraq is coming from these borders and from these countries. Syria is the worst enemy of all. Of course, there are many countries that are not in favor of the Iraqi War and not in favor of America at all. This needs to be worked as far as the American government is concerned in the form of friendship, such as doing things for the poor. There is so much more than can be done if some of the non-sense research funding could be discontinued just so money can be manipulated. I would say the worst problem in this world is poverty.


Question: Will there be any significant medical breakthroughs in 2006?

Answer: Stem cell replacement must be looked at and looked at as a way of healing many. And if this is ignored by the American government, many American citizens will be going to other countries to receive this treatment. It is a wonderful tool for healing, even people with cancer can be healed by this wonderful method and it is important to use it. Other diseases are malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis. There are scientists all over the world working on these diseases and you will see before the end of the year some breakthroughs. But there are millions of dollars are needed. And it is important to put these dollars in this research so that many people can stop suffering.


Question: Will the Avian Flu spread to the U.S. and what is the best protection for us?

Answer: The Avian Flu has already spread to the U.S. and it is important for the media to be honest to the American people about this issue. The great concern is that children are allowed to play with birds and especially chickens as pets, and some of them have that disease. These birds and chickens and especially those that fly in the air should not be used as pets. So much disease that comes from the chickens, turkeys. America has this disease and of course, it is not as bad as in China and other places. But within the next two years there can be 50 to 100,000 cases that could be fatal. There is something that needs to be done such as a cure. They are working on it now but it will take sometime to get a cure.


Question: What trends do you see in the Stock Market in 2006?

Answer: The new leader who has to do with the stock market. This man is very wise, fresh and has new ideas on ways to control the stock market and the economy. I would say that in October of 2006 for this man to be very cautious with standards that he sets. I see the stock going down, not only the New York Stock Exchange but the NASDAQ. It will go down, down, down. It will not hit bottom but it will be seriously down.


Question: What kind of impact will Pope Benedict have on the Catholic Church and the world?

Answer: The Catholic Church has many, many problems and this man is trying to work on these issues now, but he needs to take more of a part himself in making these rules, especially for the priests and nuns. It is important for this church not to look at the financial loss but what they can do for the world, especially the poverty stricken. There is so much money there that the Pope and others can do so much for the world for controlling poverty. If they will give out what they receive, they will see that the money will come back to them tenfold.


Question: Can you tell us who will be the nominees for the next Presidential election?

Answer: I cannot do that as it would be taking the free will away from those concerned and these individuals must be voted in. However, there will be two women who will completely against each other; because one party will be running an African American woman and the other party will be running a woman who they feel can win. However, both of these women have problems because the male in this country still rules so neither of these individuals will be alone. There will be a man and a woman in each party. I can tell you that the best person will win because this is very much needed. A woman and a female together will win. Do not under estimate Hillary Clinton because she has been planning on running America long before her husband took office as president. So do not underestimate the power that this woman has created.


Question: At this time, is there any other message that you would like to give to the world?

Answer: It is important that all God’s people come together in giving because even now, many of the poverty stricken people in the tsunami and New Orleans have already been forgotten by the people who promised to do so much for them. These individuals are hurting so much because they were poor long before the hurricane and tsunami. Take care of these individuals. There will be many, many natural disasters such as this in the future, to the point where the American government will not have money to take care of these people through FEMA so the rich individuals will have to open their hearts and bank accounts to help. This is only a small beginning as to what has to be faced in the future. Its like a snowball, rolling down the hill. Not only in 2006 but for the next 15 years.



To know that in our world people by the millions go hungry every night and die of starvation is simply a tragedy which shouldn't exist in our world of plenty."


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